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November 9, 2016

Congratulations on Our Clients’ Victories

GMMB couldn’t be prouder of our work this year with Hillary for America and all of our political clients this election cycle. We have been honored to work with a group of candidates and teams who are so deeply committed to making our cities, states, and country stronger for all Americans. From helping pass the first automatic voter registration law in Alaska to working to elect the first South Asian-American woman to Congress, we are excited to congratulate the following clients on what are, in many cases, groundbreaking victories.


U.S. Senator Ron Wyden will continue his commitment to finding common-sense solutions as he returns for his sixth term representing Oregonians in the Senate.

Led by Jim Margolis and Delacey Skinner, GMMB produced a series of ads – including “Listens” – to show voters exactly how Ron listens to the Oregonians he represents by holding town halls in every county each year, and ensured those ads reached younger voters through a targeted digital campaign. Other ads, like “Too Many” and “Local,”  highlighted Ron’s efforts to support the craft beer, wine, and cider industries that support more than 50,000 Oregon jobs, communicating to the state’s voters how he’s worked for them in the past and will continue to every day. GMMB is proud to have again partnered with Ron on his re-election and to have helped show voters all the ways he is different, like Oregon.


U.S. Representative-elect Pramila Jayapal (Wash.-07) is the first South Asian-American woman ever elected to Congress and will be the first woman to represent Washington’s 7th Congressional District.

A fearless progressive movement builder and state senator, Pramila has already been identified as an up-and-coming progressive leader on the national stage. Broadcast ads like “Dream” introduced Pramila to Seattle voters, while “Fearless” was the first congressional spot to use Donald Trump’s inflammatory words about women and abortion. A feature of our work, led by J. Toscano, was a hyper-targeted digital advertising campaign that engaged younger voters and women. Fresh, digitally-native creative included “Unequal,” “Boys,” and “Debt.” On a night which dealt a blow to progressive ideals, we are truly gratified to have helped elect this new progressive leader.


U.S. Representative-elect Charlie Crist (Fla.-13) will swap his nickname of “The People’s Governor” for “The People’s Congressman” after winning this congressional seat in his home district of Pinellas County, Fla.

GMMB’s attention-grabbing advertising campaign re-introduced Charlie through a series of ads, which included “May Not Know,” that highlighted both his service to the state and his deep roots in St. Petersburg. Frank Greer, A.J. Lenar, and Harper Lawson’s work on Charlie’s ads led to national attention from political commentators like MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, who called “May Not Know” Crist’s best bio spot yet.

GMMB is honored to have helped pass several game-changing ballot initiatives that are a giant leap forward in protecting voters’ rights, helping save lives and improve health care, and increasing the standard of living for working families while also strengthening the local economy.


Save Lives California helped successfully pass Proposition 56 to save lives, improve health care, and fight cancer and other tobacco-related diseases in California by increasing the state’s tax on cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and other tobacco products for the first time in nearly two decades.

Despite being outspent by the tobacco industry by nearly three-to-one, our highly targeted digital and television advertising campaign strategy – led by David Smith, Greg Pinelo, and Tanja Hester – included emotionally touching ads like “Butterfly,” which reached persuadable voters in both English and Spanish and started early to cut through the noise in a state with nearly 20 other initiatives on the ballot.


Raise Up Washington’s strong campaign helped lead to the approval of Initiative 1433, which will raise the statewide minimum wage by $4 to $13.50 over the next four years and will allow employees to earn the sick leave they deserve.

Our team, overseen by Frank Greer, A.J. Lenar, and Harper Lawson, took a different approach than the typical minimum wage increase campaign by focusing on the overall economic impact on the state rather than only focusing on the workers who will benefit from it. This unique messaging combined with compelling advertising in spots like “Scoop” and “Raise Up” elevated the voices of small business owners who support the initiative and helped show Washington that raising the minimum wage is good for working people, families, and businesses across the state. As a result, the state took a huge step forward in helping ensure that fewer full-time workers live in poverty and that people in Washington no longer have to decide between earning a day’s paycheck and caring for a sick child, loved one, or themselves.


Ballot Measure 1 in Alaska will help protect the right to vote for every Alaskan in every election by automatically connecting their voter registration to their annual application for the state’s permanent fund dividend.

This simple change streamlines voter registration across the state, potentially adding up to 70,000 Alaskans to the rolls who are eligible to vote but currently unregistered – including many from underrepresented groups such as Alaska Natives and those serving in the military. Led by Harper Lawson, GMMB crafted ads like “Secure” to help show Alaska voters how this more modern and simplified voter registration system will both strengthen the integrity and accuracy of the state’s voter rolls, and also save taxpayer dollars. Supported by a broad coalition made up of private industry, politicians on both sides of the aisle, and thousands of Alaskans across the state, Ballot Measure 1 will make a big difference in ensuring the voice of every Alaskan is heard. We’re proud to have been a part of its success.

GMMB’s subsidiaries also supported victories through independent expenditure work with Good Jobs Montana, League of Conservation Voters, and VoteVets Illinois.


The Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA) worked to help Governor Steve Bullock win a second term in Montana and continue the state’s trend of electing a Democrat in every governor’s race since 2004.

In a state Donald Trump carried by wide margins, we produced more than a dozen ads for Good Jobs Montana, an independent expenditure organization backed by the DGA. Through ads such as “Hooked,” “Ponder,” and “Business,” we helped craft a narrative that effectively branded Republican challenger Greg Gianforte as an out-of-touch millionaire from New Jersey who had no business being Governor of Montana. Despite Gianforte spending upwards of $6 million to try and buy the Governor’s office, Gianforte was unable to shake the “Not from Montana – Not for Montana” label. We’re proud to have helped show voters that Steve is the right choice for Montana, and we congratulate him on another four years of independent and responsible leadership.


The environmental movement leveraged their issues with devastating precision in the electoral arena, helping elect two Latinx “firsts” in Nevada.

Our independent expenditure work with the League of Conservation Voters, led by J. Toscano and Delacey Skinner, helped elect Catherine Cortez Masto, the country’s first Latina U.S. senator, and Nevada’s first Latinx congressman, Ruben Kihuen. A series of television and digitally-native ads like “Choice” aligned Masto with popular support for solar energy while highlighting her opponent’s votes against solar. Nevadans’ unscripted reactions were captured in spots like “Working.” Our ad “Eyes” exposed the ties of Kihuen’s incumbent opponent to big oil companies that had covered up decades of climate change research, emotionally connecting those abstract issues to the very real health impact on children with asthma.


Our independent expenditure work also included creating “Blackhawk” for VoteVets Illinois in Senator Tammy Duckworth’s race.