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March 1, 2019

Senior Leadership Updates

We are pleased to announce several promotions and a new hire within our senior leadership, positioning the firm for continued growth in the coming years.

Five of GMMB’s Vice Presidents have been promoted to Senior Vice President: Patrick BonsignoreSean HawksAshley Middleton, Serge Ohana and Liz Oxhorn. Additionally, Oliver Griswold has been named Director of Brand Strategy and Garth Moore has joined GMMB as Senior Vice President of Digital Strategy.

Patrick Bonsignore develops integrated media programs for political campaigns ranging from the top of the ticket – U.S. Presidential, U.S Senate and Gubernatorial races — to down-ballot candidates vying for local office. Over this past election cycle, Patrick ran a first-of-its-kind online voter registration program ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial elections, developed digital pilots that produced breakthrough insights utilizing the social newsfeeds in Florida, and led the digital media strategy for Governor J.B. Pritzker’s historic victory in Illinois. Before GMMB, Patrick served as digital media director for Hillary for America, where he oversaw the execution of acquisition, persuasion, and mobilization programs.

Sean Hawks provides strategic communications counsel to government agencies, nonprofit organizations, philanthropies, corporations, and political groups. His areas of expertise include advertising, branding, message development, and media relations. Sean also has issue expertise in education, the environment, public health, and volunteerism. He’s managed health campaigns for the National Psoriasis Foundation, the Washington State Department of Health, and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Sean’s worked with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Postsecondary Success Team to ensure more students from low-income backgrounds start – and finish – a college education. He worked with the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, the DC Health Benefit Exchange, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to connect millions more Americans to health coverage. And he’s provided advertising, messaging, and media strategies to winning campaigns for the governor’s mansion, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Senate.

Ashley Middleton, in her 14th year at GMMB, is skilled at turning complex topics into compelling campaigns that inform, inspire, change minds and drive action. Ashley has a strong foundation in strategy and message development and is well-versed in all aspects of communications, from advertising and branding, to digital engagement to earned media and events. For the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she built advocacy skills for libraries around the world; through ClimateWorks, the Rockefeller Foundation and The Lancet, she connected global health priorities with climate change; and with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and Learning Heroes, she engaged businesses and parents in K-12 education. She currently helps lead GMMB’s traffic safety work, supporting the development of alcohol detection technology with the Automotive Coalition for Traffic Safety, discouraging drunk driving on Virginia Roads with the Washington Regional Alcohol Program, and making safety recall repair a priority with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and the National Safety Council.

Serge Ohana’s energetic editing approach and unique graphic design skills result in work that engages audiences worldwide. With 20 years of experience in creative video production, Serge has produced award-winning ads for political, education, and advocacy campaigns as well as documentaries and short films. Serge has produced and edited compelling video content for clients including the L’Oréal Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Liz Oxhorn, a veteran of three presidential campaigns, specializes in developing integrated television and digital campaigns and producing emotionally-powerful ads that persuade with humor and heart. In 2018, she served as a media consultant for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose campaign, according to The New York Times, “buried the pervasive belief that a ticket led by a woman could not succeed in the Industrial Midwest.” Liz was also an ad maker for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and a producer for the 2016 Democratic National Convention. She’s worked with Planned Parenthood, Airbnb, EMILY’s List, the DSCC, the DCCC, and candidates at every level from the statehouse to the White House. Her ads have been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, NPR, and Marie Claire. Before GMMB, Liz was a senior aide in the Obama White House and on President Obama’s historic 2008 campaign.

Oliver Griswold has spent 20 years helping mission-driven organizations dig deep into their purpose, rediscover their identity, and engage their most important audiences with newfound resonance. He works with nonprofits, companies, foundations, and trade associations to boost their impact by weaving audience insights into stories that capture the unique promise of the organization. His aim: to delight the staff behind a brand and captivate the people it needs to reach. Drawing on a product marketing and political background that honed his instincts for what compels consumers and voters to listen, Oliver’s recent brand projects have sharpened the voices of Mathematica, Oxfam, The Nature Conservancy, the University of Washington, Evergreen State College, The Allen Institute, and the Public Library Association, among many others.

Garth Moore joins GMMB with more than 20 years in digital communications and technologies. After years as a tech producer in New York’s Silicon Alley, he moved into digital leadership with the ASPCA, 1Sky, a national climate action group, and the ONE Campaign. Garth has also consulted on digital strategies with many companies and nonprofits, including the ACLU, the Case Foundation, The World Food Programme, YUM! Brands, and the Meridian Institute.