The Team

Meet our team of thinkers and doers. Same road, different drivers.

  • We share core values. But our passions, work styles, and areas of expertise are all unique. That’s why we have a good time working together, and we think you will too.
  • Adam Ferrari

    Senior Vice President, Senior Producer
  • Alaina Goff

    Senior Project Manager
  • Alejandra Silguero

    Data Coordinator
  • Alexandra Rodriguez

    Account Executive
  • Alison Kruzel

    Senior Vice President
  • Allie Ancell

    Associate Producer
  • Allie McKay

    Vice President
  • Allison Thomas

    Senior Vice President
  • Ally Flaherty

    Account Supervisor
  • Aly Hafeez

    Senior Staff Accountant
  • Alyson McColl

    Senior Vice President, Managing Director
  • Amanda Adams

    Senior Staff Accountant
  • Andrew Hutson

    Senior Media Buyer
  • Angela Landers

    Vice President
  • Anne Hilton

    Vice President
  • Annie Adair

    Account Executive
  • Annie Burns

  • Anson Kaye

  • Ashley Middleton

    Senior Vice President
  • Augusta Burney

    Vice President, Senior Contracts Manager
  • Ben Hawkins

    Senior Vice President, Creative Director
  • Bill Brocato

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Blythe Lloyd

    Senior Digital Project Manager
  • Bradley Perseke


These people are doing
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