The Team

Meet our team of thinkers and doers. Same road, different drivers.

  • We share core values. But our passions, work styles, and areas of expertise are all unique. That’s why we have a good time working together, and we think you will too.
  • Blythe Lloyd

    Senior Digital Project Manager
  • Bradley Perseke

  • Butch Ramsey

    Senior Producer
  • Caitlin McLean

    Project Manager
  • Chantal Wong

    Senior Account Executive
  • Chloe Sikora

    Account Executive
  • Chris Butterfield

    Paid Search Strategist, Copywriter
  • Dana Cronyn

    Vice President
  • Daniel Jester

  • Dario Mitchell

    Data Engineer
  • Debbie Ashpes

    Senior Broadcast Production Manager
  • DJ Mash

    Design Production Manager
  • Don Corrigan

    Senior Vice President, Creative Director
  • Dylan Tyne

    Account Supervisor
  • Ellen Frawley

  • Emily Meyer

    Account Supervisor
  • Eric Conrad

    Vice President
  • Erica Monteith

    Senior Vice President, Paid Media
  • Erin Connolly

    Senior Account Executive
  • Evan Curry

    Office Administrator
  • Faye Jones

  • Frances Bresnahan

    Vice President
  • Frank Greer

  • Garth Moore

    Senior Vice President, Digital

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