Issue Communications

Connecting a Global Network to Improve Nutrition

With Scaling Up Nutrition


01 / Background

Each and every year, poor nutrition is an underlying factor in nearly half of all deaths of children under 5 years old. In 2010, the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement emerged as a global voice for action—with countries committing to prioritize nutrition and global partners aligning across sectors to support them.

2012 - 2013
Digital / Creative Content / Public Relations

02 / Strategy

Connecting a global network stretching across government, civil society, academia, business, donors, and other organizations is a challenge. A strong digital platform was needed for this diverse Movement—highlighting national work and leadership, as well as opportunities to share and learn from experiences across countries. In addition, amidst a crowded global landscape, the site could highlight stories of progress and success—helping strengthen the call for increased engagement and investment in nutrition. To reflect the global Movement, the site needed to be easily accessible and visual and pull together content from many sources and in multiple languages.


03 / Work

SUN is a Movement of people committed to nutrition with many stakeholders and audiences to reach. GMMB designed and developed the SUN website to showcase the diversity of global leadership, action, investment and progress in the Movement. Developed in English, Spanish and French, the site featured sections highlighting policies and activities in each of the SUN countries. Mirroring the Movement, the site was broad and incredibly deep, creating a central hub to bring people together. To complement the site, GMMB developed Facebook and Twitter channels to establish SUN in social media, and developed an email newsletter template to keep audiences apprised of the latest news in nutrition.


04 / Results

When the site launched in 2013, there were just over 30 countries in the SUN Movement. Today, the Movement has grown to 55 countries, all committed to improving nutrition. As the Movement has evolved, so has the site, to help news and materials from national-level activities reach (and teach) broader audiences.