Issue Communications

Encouraging Enrollment

With the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation


01 / Background

Although 8 million people enrolled through health insurance marketplaces in the first year, millions remained eligible to purchase coverage. But in year two, many were less motivated to look for coverage. A longtime GMMB client, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), tapped GMMB to help reach and educate the remaining uninsured and encourage them to explore their options through HealthCare.gov.

2014 - 2015
Digital / Creative Content / Advertising / Movement Building

02 / Strategy

Starting with message research, we learned that many uninsured Americans had tuned out the conversation on health insurance. We set out to design a campaign that would give them a reason to listen.

We honed in on top-testing messages, including the availability of low-cost plans, financial help to lower the costs, and in-person help to enroll. We also took into account that women and Latinos were more likely to want to find coverage, and that Latinos in particular showed significant gaps in knowledge about new options. On top of it all, we knew compelling creative had to address enrollment barriers head on and provide new information that could motivate consumers to look into health insurance through the marketplace.


03 / Work

The result was a completely bilingual campaign—Talk Health Insurance to Me—that included eye-catching digital assets, a straightforward website, static and flash banners, paid search, social media posts, and humorous videos that appealed to consumers’ emotions and experiences.

We designed a digital media plan to raise awareness and increase engagement among our target audience during the 13-week open enrollment campaign. Our advertising buy and organic activities were implemented in waves, with heightened placements around key enrollment deadlines to drive consumer activity. This enabled us to maximize efficiency with other media coverage to capitalize on the “surround sound” approach.

Through video and media partnerships, we reached our audience where they were; raised awareness of new plans, financial assistance, and in-person help; and drove engagement through traffic to the campaign website using paid search, organic social engagement, and banner, flash, and social ads.

Media partnerships with Comedy Central and Univision allowed us to reach the uninsured broadly, while prioritizing women and Latinos. By leveraging the talent and personalities at these outlets, we reached key audiences through trusted messengers.


04 / Results

As the second open enrollment period came to a close, we saw 1.8 million visits to the campaign website. Visits were driven by display ads that performed at a 4.1 percent click-through rate (exceeding the industry benchmark of .08 percent), a paid search campaign that drove a conversion rate of 33.85 percent, videos that generated more than 21 million completions, and partnerships with Viacom and Univision that secured 50 million impressions each. In the end, the site generated more than 100,000 click-throughs to HealthCare.gov where consumers could shop, compare, and—most importantly—enroll in health insurance.