Political Campaigns

Giving Women a Voice

With Emily's List


01 / Background

Hundreds of the most passionate, influential pro-choice Democratic women in the country were slated to convene in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the 30th anniversary of EMILY’s List. The organization asked us to create a video for this gathering, to tell the EMILY’s List story and to inspire this audience of powerhouse women.

Creative Content / Copywriting and Art Direction / Video Production

02 / Strategy

EMILY’s List turned 30 at an incredibly exciting time for women. 100 women in the U.S. House of Representatives. A declared female presidential candidate. Women attending the 30th anniversary gala were fired up, and ready to be inspired. We wanted to harness that excitement and turn it into action. Our task was to develop a rousing video to tell the EMILY’s List story—honoring both the path the organization had paved and the path ahead.


03 / Work

The end result was a video called “Our House,” an anthem designed to leave the audience feeling energized, proud, and future-focused. The video revels in the determination of women who run for office, and in the skill of women who help other women run for office. It positions EMILY’s List as a change agent, and as the catalyst for a movement. It proudly celebrates progress; in electoral wins and in societal perceptions. It multiplies this positive impact, by showing the huge number of women that women elected officials champion for every day. And it propels us forward, by showing the work EMILY’s List is engaged in to bring the voice of women to every house—from State Houses to the White House.