Corporate Social Impact

Inspiring Balance

With the American Beverage Association


01 / Background

For nearly a decade, GMMB has provided support to America’s leading beverage companies, led by the American Beverage Association (ABA), as they worked together on solutions to help fight childhood obesity. Together, they removed full-calorie beverages from schools nationwide, placed clear calorie information on all their products, and introduced more beverage choices in a range of calories and portion sizes. When it was time to take these efforts to the next level, ABA once again called on us to develop and implement a direct-to-consumer education campaign on the importance of balance and moderation.

2006 - to present
Advertising / Digital / Public Relations / Creative Content / Movement Building

02 / Strategy

GMMB coordinated an extensive, iterative research approach to developing this next effort. Research conducted by Public Opinion Research showed moms wanted support from the beverage industry with their teens, who were beginning to make food and beverage choices on their own for the first time. Moms knew the marketing strength of the leading beverage companies—Coca-Cola, Dr Pepper, and Pepsi—and wanted to see that power used to make balance “cool” for their teens. The research uncovered two key guardrails with moms: do not encourage my teen to count calories, and don’t try to sell them products. Working with Ypulse, a leading youth market research firm, GMMB set out to understand the teen mindset when it comes to balance and moderation. Research showed that while balance isn’t top of mind for teens, they inherently understand a basic three-part formula: balance what you eat and drink with what you do. Despite understanding balance, there were no campaigns in this space offering teens the support and motivation to help them achieve it.


03 / Work

GMMB served as the communications partner to launch Mixify™ in September 2014. The national consumer awareness program leverages social media, digital and TV advertising, and a website hub, MyMixify.com, with online tips and tools to reach teens on their own terms and in ways that fit easily into the mix of their day-to-day lives. The effort also talks to moms, so they know the message the industry is delivering to their teens. GMMB uses the latest community management tools to source, create, publish, and manage our real-time marketing presence on social media. As part of our paid media strategy, we partner with a variety of niche teen media influencers to increase awareness of the Mixify message among teens. We track, monitor, and analyze performance, making real-time adjustments and capitalizing on key moments in teen lives.

In the summer of 2015, GMMB developed, launched, and managed the Mixify Tour, a cross-country truck tour to bring the balance message directly to teens across America. Teens balanced their summers through a variety of activities to educate and engage them on the topic, including registered dietitians, fitness experts, and tips and tools to inspire. GMMB managed crowd building for each stop through a combination of outreach to community organizations, online advertising, social media promotion, and influencer marketing.


04 / Results

In less than a year, TV and digital advertising alone has exceeded our audience awareness goals, reaching more than 25 million teens and 22 million moms of teens, 80 percent and 85 percent of these audiences, respectively. Favorability of the program is high among both audiences, but especially among moms who want their teens to participate. More than one million users have visited the campaign website, MyMixify.com; and over three thousand questions have been submitted via the Ask the Experts tool. Teens are now talking about balance—the campaign has generated more than 35,000 mentions on social media and more than 111,000 followers across social media. Through ten stops, the Mixify Tour events were attended by more than 1,400 teens, and more than 75 local organizations serving teens participated. Across social media channels, the Mixify Tour generated more than 44 million impressions; more than 8,200 pieces of branded and user-generated content; and more than 20,000 mentions of #MixifyTour. Moreover, #MixifyTour was the top trending hashtag in Portland, OR the day the Tour stopped there.