Brand Positioning

Nourishing Life

With Nutrition International


01 / Background

When the Canada-based, international nonprofit Micronutrient Initiative (MI) first launched, its name matched its focus: micronutrients. But over 25 years later, MI had grown out of its name, by broadly expanding both its international reach and expertise in nutrition. Additionally, the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 provided an opportunity to diversify their funding sources and as a result MI was doing the work of a category leader in global nutrition. Adopting a new name and brand strategy to reflect that expertise while reinventing MI’s global brand would position the organization to capitalize on its strengths in the new SDG era and appeal to a wider donor-base outside of its Canada headquarters.

Brand Strategy / Creative Content / Digital Content

02 / Strategy

MI’s leadership knew it needed a bolder, broader brand position. Together we saw the creative potential to tie the organization’s expanded vision to the concept of nutrition itself – when we nourish people, we nourish their potential and the outcomes of their lives. This took MI’s story beyond micronutrients, to a more emotional and global space. GMMB worked closely with MI’s staff around the world to ensure the concept would work across languages and cultures, and capitalized on the organization’s work and impact. Yet again, this project proved the value of our change management focus when developing new brands.


03 / Work

We employed the full extent of our brand process with MI, broken into three distinct phases aligned with their strategic planning process: Discovery, Development, and Rollout. In the discovery phase, a thorough materials review, competitive analysis, and external stakeholder engagement firmly established the need and opportunity for the rebrand. During the development phase, we built our positioning framework on the findings to determine the central value proposition: MI harnesses the capacity of nutrition to nourish life, which became the tag line. We developed a set of values to define the brand personality as well, which centered on MI’s commitment to putting the needs of the world’s most vulnerable ahead of the world’s most powerful. And as a final piece of the brand platform, we created a simple, easy-to-grasp name befitting a nutrition category leader: Nutrition International. With the verbal elements in place, we then developed an extensive new visual identity that included a new logo, color system, design motif, launch video, and photo treatment to bring the rich brand to life.


04 / Results

The new brand officially launched in April 2017, with a celebration featuring a former head of state, Canadian Members of Parliament, and key development influencers from around the world. After only a few months, the brand has been enthusiastically embraced across Nutrition International’s field offices and is reflected in the organization’s collateral including donor materials, web site content, office design, events, and more.