Brand Positioning

Rebranding Human Resources

With the Society for Human Resource Management


01 / Background

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the voice of the HR industry. They came to GMMB in 2009, a year when workforce realities were experiencing dramatic change, and its members were playing a critical role in navigating these workplace changes, yet the outside perception of the profession—that HR is simply a clerical function—was out of sync with reality that HR professionals are strategic talent managers. They wanted GMMB to tell their story.

2009 - 2013
Public Relations / Digital / Creative Content / Brand Strategy

02 / Strategy

GMMB created the We Know Next campaign, a positioning campaign built to increase awareness of the strategic role of the human resource profession and to expand SHRM’s visibility and voice as an influential thought leader on business, workforce, and public policy issues. The fully integrated communications campaign was targeted to business leaders, policymakers, and opinion leaders.


03 / Work

GMMB developed and deployed several tactics including a new website with video testimonials, branding, a comprehensive advertising campaign, event sponsorships, and digital engagement. The pillar of the effort was WeKnowNext.com, where business executives, policymakers, and HR professionals could explore and discuss the latest trends shaping the workforce and share real-life success examples. The site featured timely resources, such as research and case studies, to effectively communicate the direct importance HR has on a business’s success and bottom line.


04 / Results

We Know Next experienced tremendous success including: more than 328,556 unique visitors from nearly 200 countries visited the campaign website and the campaign retained more than 7,600 Facebook fans and 12,000 Twitter followers. The site’s blog was named a “Top HR and Recruiting Blog” by Monster.com and the contributing blogger list grew to over 40 leading workforce and HR bloggers. In 2013, About.com named the site’s blog their “Favorite Human Resources Blog.”