Brand Positioning

Talking the Walk

With Chemonics International


01 / Background

Chemonics International is one of the most impactful international development organizations in the world. However, for too long Chemonics has been defined by its size and for-profit status, rather than the expertise and results demonstrated by the company’s work.

2015 - 2017
Creative Content / Brand Strategy / Digital

02 / Strategy

Through a series of stakeholder interviews and a half-day brand summit with key leaders from across the company, GMMB quickly recognized that Chemonics was living a powerful brand internally, but not expressing it externally. Staff both embodied and universally shared a set of compelling brand values that combined the conviction of their non-profit peers with the drive and innovation usually ascribed to for-profit companies. In addition, GMMB identified that changes in the international development landscape had created a demand to integrate work historically performed by organizations with narrow technical focus into a single, integrated and multi-disciplinary approach. Chemonics’ size and breadth of technical expertise, often a target of criticism, in actuality was an asset. With this in mind, our task was clear: GMMB must help Chemonics frame and consistently express characteristics it had long considered vulnerabilities as its greatest strengths.


03 / Work

GMMB worked with Chemonics leadership to craft a series of brand values and a brand story that wove the company’s many assets into short, clear and emotionally compelling language. In addition, GMMB created a bold new tag line that highlights Chemonics’ focus on and ability to deliver results: “Development works here.” Finally, GMMB refreshed the company’s logo, designing a mark that is more modern, distinct and easy-to-use in varied contexts around the world.


04 / Results

With the launch of its refreshed brand in September 2016, Chemonics believes the new identity, strategically expressed, will elevate the organization’s credibility and staff thought-leadership. As a result, Chemonics hopes to have greater opportunities to share its unmatched field experience, venerable expertise and management prowess with others pursuing similar goals, thereby extending its human impact even further.