Madalene Milano

Partner / Corporate Social Impact / Issue Communications

Madalene Milano brings more than 28 years of experience in managing, developing and implementing results-driven communications, including media relations, advertising, social marketing, partnership building and brand management. Since joining GMMB in 1994, Madalene has partnered with a range of clients—from nonprofits to leading industries—bringing her brand of research-driven common sense solutions to solve significant challenges.

Madalene is one of the nation’s most accomplished practitioners of public health and public safety campaigns. Her expertise in advocacy, campaign management and advertising has helped change laws across the country, increasing tobacco taxes to fund prevention programs and passing smoke-free air laws. Her innovative thinking helped create the new social norm of putting kids in the back seats of cars, raise seat belt use to an all-time high and made it harder for intoxicated drivers to get behind the wheel.